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4Game continues the Evolution of RF Online in Europe

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Editor : Said Murat
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4Game announces the release of the Second stage for the game’s new version, branded Evolution. Players should get themselves ready by 15th of April.

RF Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG with an orientation for Mass-PvP, which was released in 2005 and now can be considered a classic of MMOs. It received recently a fresh new breath with the release of a version called Evolution.

The new modality of RF Online, recently launched by 4Game in Europe with a server named Atlas, differs from the Original version of the game by presenting a stage to stage development system, granting that the server will not be updated until the majority of the players have reached the maximum level of the current stage. Along with that, it provides the players the opportunity to relive the experience of the earliest versions of the game, and only then finally lead them to the future of RF Online, adding never before seen features.

The time has finally come for the server to progress to its second stage, and below you will find what is new.

At first, the maximum level will be increased to 55, and it is allowing players to develop their characters further. Also additional powerful bosses will also be added to the game, bringing a high risk, high reward element of the game. This is something perfect, isn’t it?

Crimson weapons are going to be possible rewards from World Shard dungeons. And the dungeons of the “Present” will now become available for players to explore.

And now, there are special Easter quests with useful rewards. Players will be able to search for the mysterious creatures, collect the prizes, hunt the Bosses and claim the Easter rewards...

It’s good that we can find these features and more in the new server upon the release of its second stage. Let’s come and explore the world of RF Evolution by yourself, the race to higher level has only started on 4Game.