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Xiaomi presents the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition

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Editor : Said Murat
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Have you always dreamed of driving a brand new yellow Lamborghini, but the price of the car has cooled your enthusiasm? Then comes the perfect solution.

Xiaomi, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, even showers us with its new devices - high-end smartphones, transparent TVs, and now a special edition of the Ninebot go-kart, which was created in cooperation with Lamborghini. And while the real Lambo is still missing a lot, the legendary color (Giallo Orion), rear bumper and custom tires do their job and will surely find their fans. It is worth remembering, however, that we are not talking about a completely new product, but only a special version of the recently presented Ninebot Number 9 GoKart Pro, which differs in several technical aspects.

Xiaomi comes with a camera hidden under the screenXiaomi comes with a camera hidden under the screen

First of all, the maximum speed, because it reaches 40 km/h, not 37 km/h, and it is equipped with a 432 Wh battery, which allows you to make 62 laps on a 400-meter track on a single charge. As for the mentioned tires, they have been improved in terms of drifting, and thanks to a special audio, the vehicle sounds completely like a full-fledged racing Lamborghini. We also have LED lighting, thanks to which we can feel the atmosphere of night races, and even a license plate, so that there is no doubt who the gem belongs to. The only downside? Limiting the user's weight to 100 kg, which means that larger men may have a little problem with it.

For this exclusive character, however, you have to pay extra, because GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition costs about USD 1,450, and we are talking only about a toy that we can race for fun. According to media reports, the Chinese can already place pre-orders for the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition, but the premiere should be expected in a few days, on August 16 to be precise. However, it is worth emphasizing, although at the moment we do not know anything about the international premiere, the manufacturer is prepared for such shipments from his store and informed about a limited number of units dedicated to international sales.