Real flying cars will be the first to appear in Japan soon - News -

Real flying cars will be the first to appear in Japan soon

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Editor : Said Murat
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The government of the Land of the Rising Sun sees a beautiful future for transportation in flying cars. Toyota has already patented a project that will make this amazing vision a reality in just 3 years. The future is today!

Recently, the Japanese announced that they would make the 2020 Summer Olympics the most unforgettable sporting event to have taken place in recent decades. In addition to live coverage without interruption in 8K quality, they want to build a flying car with which they will light the Olympic torch. We are going to see it all next year.

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On this interesting invention, among others engineers from the Cartivator start-up work. Now we can see the details of the patent application. The vehicle they are building is to perform vertical take-off and landing, move in the air, as well as normally on the roads. Although we have already seen a few such vehicles in recent years, this one is supposed to be unique in its design.

Unfortunately, the developers still do not reveal more details about their invention called SkyDrive. We know, however, that the vehicle will be 2.9 meters long and 1.3 meters wide, it could fly 150 meters above the ground and fly over 50 kilometers at speeds of up to 100 km/h. These raw data do not tell us much, but if the Japanese believe in this project, we can be confident about its practicality.

Toyota joined the project and has already invested the entire amount needed to implement the entire project. The vehicle is to be ready next year, but popularization of this form of travel is to take place after 2023. Meanwhile, the government of the Land of the Rising Sun also saw the future in flying cars. Politicians organized a meeting attended by representatives of the largest technology companies in the world and in Japan itself, namely Airbus, Uber, Boeing, NEC, Toyota, ANA Holdings, Japan Airlines, Yamato Holdings.

It turns out that together they want to develop the most advanced drive-flying vehicle the world has ever seen, which will combine the attributes of a car and an aircraft. The plan envisages that by 2050, everyone in Japan will own such a vehicle and travel to any location in their area in less than 10 minutes.

The government wants to use such inventions to improve transport in rapidly developing cities. It is also no secret that the Japanese envied the world's metropolises the fact that in a few years they will have such flying taxis.

Toyota some time ago announced that its engineers are working intensively on magnetic levitation technologies. Thanks to it, completely new super-fast forms of transport could be created. One of them will be trains with speeds exceeding 600 km/h, and ultimately 1200 km/h.