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Hydrogen Hyperion XP-1: 2 seconds to 100km/s

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Editor : Said Murat
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The Hyperion company has finally unveiled its future hydrogen supercar, which is to defeat competition vehicles not only with cosmic performance, but also in a truly ecological style.

Many automotive fans are waiting for this vehicle, who see great potential in alternative drives. XP-1 is the king of hydrogen eco-technologies. The vehicle was equipped with electric motors with a total power of over 1000 HP. They are powered by cells with compressed hydrogen. This monster can accelerate to hundreds in 2 seconds and accelerate to 355 km/h.

The Tesla Model S to travel 650 km on a single chargeThe Tesla Model S to travel 650 km on a single charge

Its creators emphasize that when designing the XP-1, they were not only about sensational performance, but also about the futuristic appearance of the vehicle and equipping it with ecological technologies that will become a role model for other companies in the automotive industry.

There are also efficient solar panels on board the Hyperion supercar. They sort of surround the vehicle on all sides. Engineers designed them in such a way that they catch as much sunlight as possible while driving. The electricity obtained in this way is then used to power the on-board equipment.

XP-1 also cuts all problems with electric vehicles. Thanks to hydrogen technology, a supercar can travel up to 1600 km/h on one refueling. But it is not everything. The company's representatives inform that refueling takes only 5 minutes. Tesla vehicles therefore stand no chance against the XP-1. The eco-sportsman is to go on sale in 2022 in the number of 500 copies.