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The Tesla Model S to travel 650 km on a single charge

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Many drivers are serious about changing their car to an electric one, but there is one aspect that prevents them from making a decision, namely the range of such a car - it may change soon.

Elon Musk announced that although the range of the Tesla Model S is already impressive, we are fast approaching the point where on one charge you will be able to drive an impressive 650 kilometers. 

Furthermore, the head of the group shared such data during a conference summarizing the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2019, when he was asked about when Model S and X will replace their batteries to newer company, used in Model 3 devices. However, it seems that instead of replacing the batteries, Tesla decided to "bury" a bit in the chemistry of the cells they use - according to the head of the concern, they have already made such changes many times in recent years and are now quite satisfied with their performance.

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However, this does not change the fact that Elon Musk has not yet said the last word, so later this year a new version of the Model S with larger batteries will hit the market. Of course, as you also may understand that this will not change the position of the American group, which is still a leader in the range of electric cars in the US, which can boast a maximum range of 600 km. Such information can be found on the company's website, but as Elon Musk assures for cars currently produced it will already be 611 km, and the next step will be mentioned at the beginning of 650 km.

If you are looking for an electric vehicle to get one, the first we check its battery life and distance properties. Some of them are good only for short distances in the city. Tesla tries to solve this problem by getting better batteries. Hopefully, one day electric and plus autonomous vehicles will be on our roads ‘more often’. 

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