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Guardian XO exoskeleton will help anyone lift up to 100 kilograms

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Editor : Said Murat

Sarcos engineers are working on an amazing exoskeleton that will offer its users to lift enormous weights all day long, without any fatigue. The future is today!

The invention from the United States impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its possibilities. It is currently the most advanced exoskeleton in the world. Sarcos Robotics announces that Guardian XO is intended for factory workers who are most exposed to all sorts of injuries in their daily work.

The company has published a video footage of its device tests on the web. We can see it in action on a user who, with its help, lifts a projectile weighing almost 60 kilograms without any tension. Guardian XO, however, can do much more. Engineers designed and built it in such a way that it can help any person lift up to 100 kilograms.

Unfortunately, due to such possibilities, the appearance of the exoskeleton suffered a bit. We have a device here that resembles a powerful mech. However, Guardian XO must look like this, because helping to lift such weights must be associated with comprehensive safety of its operator. Should the equipment suddenly fail, the operator could be seriously injured.

Currently, Sarcos invention can run on batteries for around 2 hours at full load, but the batteries can be replaced in just a few minutes, so in fact it offers all-day operation. Guardian XO costs $100,000 a year to rent. The company informs that the first pieces of its device support the work of employees in several American defense companies.

With Guardian XO, work progresses faster and more efficiently there. Until now, elements of military equipment weighing 100 kilograms had to be carried by several people, now the task can only be handled by one person.

Sarcos intends to establish cooperation with logistics centers and factories around the world. Thanks to its exoskeleton, it may be possible to slightly delay the robotization of such objects and the related loss of jobs by millions of people. Exoskeletons have the advantage that they can help to perform tasks previously reserved for robots, but at the same time they can be much more effective than them when operated by humans.