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Trump’s new plane can reach 6,000 km/h

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Editor : Said Murat
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The 2020s will be marked by revolutionary new aircraft engines that will make them not only ecological machines, but also allow them to move at great speeds.

The Pentagon and NASA are currently developing several supersonic propulsion designs for the military and passenger aircraft of the future. It's no secret that jet engines, well known to aviation enthusiasts from, for example, the iconic SR-71 Blackbird, are back in favor. The new units, however, are to be much more efficient, and therefore much faster.

NASA developed a full electric airplane with 14 engines on its wingsNASA developed a full electric airplane with 14 engines on its wings

The US Army has recently become interested in a very promising project by the Atlanta-based company Hermeus. There, engineers are successfully testing a mixed-cycle engine. It combines the attributes of both a turbojet and a jet engine. Complementary drives had, for example, the SR-71, but the new engine will be much more efficient.

The turbojet engine air in from the front and pushes it out with the exhaust gas to the rear to produce enough thrust to impart a subsonic speed, while the jet engine engages at near sonic speed and begins to force more air into the engine, creating more air. greater thrust. It allows the plane to accelerate from a speed 5 times greater than sound.

Hermeus also solved the problem of a sharp increase in engine temperature during peak load, with a pre-cooler that cools the air before it enters the engine's combustion chamber.

At least that's what the engineers say. Their unit will be able to develop a speed of over 6,000 km/h, which is almost twice as high as the fastest aircraft in the world, including the SR-71 or its precursor, the A-12. The Pentagon probably wants to build a new Air Force One for the US President that will allow him and his entourage to move around the planet in a short time.

Currently, the flight from New York to London takes about 7 hours. The new US President's plane was to cover this route in less than 90 minutes. This fact was to guarantee the head of the most powerful power in the world much greater security in his travels and the possibility of more frequent visits to different countries. Currently, many hours of flights on board airplanes are the greatest nuisance for politicians.