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Instagram followers hack: free scheme to use for every Digital Agency on Instagram

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Editor : İsmail Emrah Demirayak

When I realized that promotion on Instagram is quite expensive, considering how much Instagram ads cost in 2022. I’ve found this Instagram follower hack. ​​Instagram free followers are waiting for you, but first, stay tuned and read about my experience getting followers on my Instagram account.

Instagram ads budget is growing.

The budget for advertising on Instagram has become somehow unrealistically huge over the past three years! I’m promoting my design agency on Instagram, and I’ve spent over $1000 for three months! The cost is without an Instagram target specialist (he sets up the Instagram ad).  

This cost doesn’t include the work hours of my studio colleagues for creating marketing layouts for promotion. The cost of Instagram ads is over $1500 for three months. I’ve got only 1000 followers and a few orders for the design.

After expenses, I began to think about how to find more budgetary money and recruit followers to my corporate Instagram page. Promoting my agencies on social media is essential. So I need to show the value of my services on Instagram too.

Three ways to get followers on Instagram

Therefore, I found three main ways to get a set of relevant followers on Instagram and tried all of them. In this article, I’m highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of these methods. Moreover, I’m analyzing how relevant and suitable the followers came to my profile after each promotion type.

Get Instagram followers through a blogger promotion

The first, probably the most famous way to get followers to your account — is advertising with bloggers. I need to find bloggers that my potential clients live in, and these are business owners. So, I began to look for and offer my account for promotion to various bloggers, ranging from 2000 subscribers to 1,000,000. At least I took three of them, and I’ve distributed invite links and paid for advertising cooperation.

I assign one week of dough for each blogger. I’ve devoted one week to only one blogger and do not mix ads. So that it is as easy as possible to count how many subscribers came from which blogger. How great was my surprise! The blogger with the least number of followers gave my profile the largest audience!


Results of blogger ads cooperation:

Spent: 800$ 

Followers: +1400


What can I say about this method of gaining followers on Instagram? it is quite expensive, and you need to spend a lot of time choosing the perfect blogger to promote your business. So I can say that it takes at least a week of constant selection of bloggers. Then, you need to track the conversion of their profile and test with each blogger to understand to determine their niche for advertising.

Giveaway Instagram promotion

The second way I tried was a giveaway.

A lot of colleagues I’ve communicated to, who, like me, run their own commercial Instagram pages, try to make a giveaway. They use the maximum number of hashtags in giveaway posts and create designs for free for those who won.

I came up with the simplest rules. Under my Instagram giveaway, users had to follow my account and share this post in their stories.

Then by generating random user numbers, I’ve chosen some winners.

To be honest, I didn’t like this method the least because it was quite difficult to perform. 

I had to check whether this person followed my account or not constantly.  Plus, the output for this was not too big. 

On the other hand, I got in I got several jobs that I undertake to do for free — for example, creating a logo and creating a brand book for a floristic company. That was difficult. And it was time-consuming.


Of course, I try to create these works with as much attention as possible so that I never get some bad feedback on Instagram from this follower. 

It is quite complex; I have already spent quite a lot of time because orders are not simple; they are performed absolutely free of charge. That is, this way I can estimate the cost of the work that I usually put in for this type of promotion.


Results of giveaway promotion:

Spent: 200$ 

Followers: +89

Instagram followers hack promotion.

Well, the third method is probably the most budgetary among all I’ve tried. By the way, it is promising and needs a minimum amount of time to be involved in it. I almost didn’t spend time on it, I have spent little money on it yet, but I got much more exhaust than these two previous methods.

I just registered in the service and added my Instagram account, which quickly got access. Unfortunately, I‘ve been instructed that I would have to wait for a while. 

I spent little time setting up all the goals of the company. The only thing I needed was hashtags and the names of the competitors' Instagram accounts. 

The thing is that the Instagram followers tool would copy the followers from my competitors accounts.

That’s all! The number of followers started to grow instantly!

I didn't do anything else. And users began to come to my account, add and even write comments, put likes, and send requests to direct.

While the quality of these followers was excellent, they suited me for their type of employment, age, interests.


Results of giveaway promotion:

Spent: 37$ 

Followers: +590

Of course, your account must be fully ready to receive followers when you start the Instagram followers hack promotion. Your Instagram account should be fascinating, beautifully designed, attract users at first sight. It is the key to success in any type of Instagram promotion!

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