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The Japanese are crazy about holidays in the world of virtual reality

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Editor : Said Murat
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The pandemic and the associated restrictions on movement took its toll on all travelers. However, the technological blessings of the 21st century have helped many to return to their normality.

One of the examples of how the world of virtual and augmented reality can be used in a very interesting and practical way is First Airlines. The Japanese carrier has created a project to travel around the world through the VR goggles. Their idea makes a real sensation in the Land of the Rising Sun and will soon conquer other countries.

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Airlines offer virtual trips to every city on the planet and visit the biggest tourist attractions in them. It's all in the VR world, but it is also complemented by augmented reality simulations, thanks to offering culinary delights from places visited by customers and, for example, local drinks during the trip.

This technology overcomes the limitations of the CoVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Experts report that problems with traveling around the world will remain with us for at least 4 more years. First Airlines believes that all those who do not want to give up traveling around the world, but at the same time want to ensure the safety of themselves, the closest and strangers, can take advantage of the travel offer in the world of VR.

Although many may not be convinced by such virtual travels, the offer in Japan itself enjoys such great popularity that First Airlines is serious about opening a special virtual travel department, where the greatest VR specialists will work. Their task will be to create an entire virtual planet on which it will be possible to travel by any means of transport.

The CoVID-19 pandemic has turned many industries upside down. However, everything indicates that the latest technologies related to VR and AR, which so far have not developed as many would wish, are now experiencing their renaissance. If the surge in the incidence returns to us in the fall and winter, we can expect that such virtual reality travels will be the only way to leave home and explore our beautiful planet.