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Tesla sold all $1500 surfboard in a day

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Editor : Darlington Nyarko
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Elon Musk is coasting another item.

Tesla propelled a restricted version line of $1,500 surfboards on Saturday in its online shop, and every one of the 200 are as of now sold out in under multi-day.

Each surfboard is handcrafted to arrange. Some have just been recorded on eBay for $3,000 to $5,000. Tesla Design Studio worked with Lost Surfboards and surfboard shaper Matt "Pandemonium" Biolos to outline the sheets, as per Tesla's site.

The sheets are made of carbon fiber and can fit into Tesla Model S, X and 3, the organization made it known on their website when the surfboard was launched.

Tesla likewise offers more run of the mill marked things, similar to caps and water bottles, however, this isn't the first occasion when one of Musk's organizations has jump-started something strange. The Boring Company's $500 flamethrower went at a bargain in January and rounded up $7.5 million in deals.