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A computer made of DNA can calculate the square root of 900

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Editor : Said Murat

Researchers have just announced that the device created from DNA strands in the test tube has achieved computing power capable of calculating the square root of numbers up to and including 900. The future is today!

Chunlei Guo from the University of Rochester and his colleagues developed a computer that uses 32 strands of DNA to store and process information - and now they have said that it can calculate the square root of 1.4, 9, 16, 25 and so on up to 900. Everything for a matter of a process called hybridization that occurs when two strands of DNA combine to form double-stranded DNA. Researchers began by coding numbers in DNA using a combination of 10 blocks, and each block represents a different number up to 900 and is attached to a fluorescent marker.

Then the scientists control the hybridization process in such a way that it changes the fluorescent signal to correspond to the square root of the original number - this can be recognized by the color. What is all this for? According to the researchers, DNA computers will help in the development of more complex computing circuits: - DNA calculations are still in infancy, but they give great hope for future solutions to problems that are currently too difficult even for advanced computers. Everything indicates that one day they will replace traditional computers during comprehensive calculations.

Chineses will reproduce the faces of citizens from DNA samples Chineses will reproduce the faces of citizens from DNA samples 

Scientists also want to build a neural network of artificially programmed DNA sequences. Such a network has the ability to process much more complex information than is currently used. Over time, it will be possible to develop it, which will allow us to get closer to the level of brain work I know from small and simple organisms such as worms or insects.

An artificial biological computer can work just as efficiently and precisely as traditional neural networks. The developed technology will be used in many areas of our lives, and above all in medical diagnostics, where DNA-based biocomputers could directly carry out rapid tests on our health in test-tubes. In the future, it will be possible to introduce them into our bodies and monitor their work live.