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Acquisition of Blue by Logitech or $117 million

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Editor : Thibaut Nguon
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Logitech has managed to acquire Blue Microphones for $117 million, which will allow the company to have a good foothold on high-end audio recording. Blue, which is well known for its USB microphones like Snowball and Yeti will join one of the many brands of Logitech. Logitech also bought other companies like Astro Gaming, Ultimate Ears or Jaybird for instance.

The company wrote that the acquisition was at the same time a new space but not, saying that gamers were using Logitech webcams to stream already. Joining with Blue and their microphone expertise will allow an even better synergy between the Logitech products.

Blue was founded in 1995 and sold microphones from $60 to $4000, and their products are widely used by musicians and podcaster alike who needs high quality audio than what they have from the build in microphones in their computers or headset. Logitech will assure with this merging that these microphones will become as important as their other products like wireless keyboards or mice for example.