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Amazon makes money on a coronavirus pandemic and plans new employment

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Editor : Said Murat
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Although many entrepreneurs have to come to terms with the huge losses caused by the epidemic, others make money on it and make it a lot, just look at e-commerce giants.

And it's not about the food industry at all, but companies like Amazon that have recently had a real harvest. Governments in many countries around the world recommend or even order citizens to stay at home, shopping malls are closed, so online commerce flourishes. A way to get bored, or maybe to relieve stress related to the epidemic? It is hard to say, but one thing is certain - Amazon is doing so well that due to increased demand, it plans to employ 100,000 additional employees in the United States alone.

Of course, it is difficult at this moment to predict how he will look for all these people, since remote work and avoiding meetings are recommended everywhere, but he will probably be able to fill the staff shortages with adequate money. And this is the way Amazon goes, which at the same time announced an increase in hourly rates by 2 dollars / pounds / euros depending on the place of employment, to encourage more employees and motivate those to work - the increases will come into force in April and are part of a larger plan a company that will eventually finance its crew a bit.

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Amazon's authorities also believe that increased employment with them can help, at least temporarily, people permanently associated with industries that are now severely hit, e.g. restaurant, hotel or travel agencies, because they cannot provide their services. The company counts on the fact that sales via its platform may fall after calming the situation related to coronavirus, but then some employees will also return to regular activities, so everyone should be satisfied.

And how does the concern want to keep its huge crew healthy, away from Covid-19? It is hard to say, because Amazon has not decided to share its methods and security with us, but ensures that everything is consulted with experts and necessary remedial steps have been taken in warehouses and stores, so employees can sleep peacefully. Is this really the case? Each of them must answer this question, but the truth is that not all of us can just go on vacation or dismissal, and Amazon does not care about losses, so you can assume that he is doing everything in his power.