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Artificial neurons formed compatible with the nervous system

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Editor : Said Murat
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Such sensational news comes to us from scientists from the University of Bath. Thanks to their achievement, people with complete paralysis will have a chance to recover and function normally in society!

Silicon neurons will also make it possible to realize a futuristic vision of cyborgization of the population, i.e. the connection of biological organisms with electronic devices. Artificial neurons will be connected to a hard disk, cloud computing, supercomputers and a global network, thanks to which our intellectual abilities will increase enormously.

This technology will allow us to transfer our memory to physical disks, e.g. an image (photos and videos) that our eyes can see, and to exchange thoughts with friends. In this way, we will be able to keep memories in fear of Alzheimer's or loss of memory due to e.g. an accident. The interface will allow you to quickly restore every aspect of life that we remember, and even upload fictitious situations that have never happened.

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Before this happens, scientists are focusing on more mundane issues, namely on healing people who are completely paralyzed and struggling with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. Researchers are talking here about the target replacement of the biological nervous system with synthetic. At the moment, scientists from the University of Bath managed to create substitutes for two types of neurons, namely the hippocampus cells, i.e. the area of ​​the brain responsible among others for memory and spatial orientation, and brain cells responsible for controlling our breathing process.

Artificial neurons are very effective. Apparently they imitate the real ones with as much as 94% accuracy, and at the same time absorb only one billion of the energy of normal processors. Now scientists are planning further experiments. They already boast that their silicon neurons can also successfully replace other neurons in the human body, and above all those located in the spinal cord and even the skin.

This means that soon we will not only be able to connect our brains with machines, but also create intelligent suits that are biocompatible with our bodies, which will provide us with full protection against extreme external conditions and provide information about the outside world that we didn't even dream about.