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Bill Gates invests billions of dollars in 7 potential vaccines on CoVID-19

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Editor : Said Murat
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One of the richest people and founder of the largest private charity foundation in the world announced that he would invest his thick billions of dollars in developing effective vaccines for CoVID-19.

Although Bill Gates has recently said it is too late to suppress the CoVID-19 pandemic in the bud in the US alone and around the world, he has no hope of developing an effective drug that will help us fight the coronavirus.

In the coming months, his foundation will spend billions of dollars on the 7 most promising specifics currently being prepared by biotechnology companies from various countries around the world. Gates is fully aware that such huge amounts of money can be thrown away, but at the same time believes that at least two effective specifics will be created.

He wants to save as many lives as possible. As he said, life is more important than money and the economy. Both can be recreated, but the lost human life will not return anything. "We have decided to finance the factories for all 7 vaccines. Then we will not waste time thinking about which vaccine will work, and then build factories for them, quickly" said Gates.

Unfortunately, the founder of Microsoft said that despite the billionth investment of his foundation, which, like no other, has knowledge of dangerous diseases plaguing humanity, we can not count on the fact that the first vaccine will be in mass use sooner than until next year.

Looking at the development of a pandemic from the perspective of WHO data, which indicates that up to 10,000 people die every day on CoVID-19 every day, the emergence of the vaccine next year will mean millions of victims.

For now, the greatest hope is in new therapies aimed at alleviating the symptoms of the disease. These are more and more effective, because so far they have allowed 228,000 people to recover. The TB vaccine (BCG) also has great potential. It turns out that people vaccinated with it more gently undergo coronavirus infection. Currently, over one million people have already contracted CoVID-19 in the world.

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