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Chinese services have been fitted with coronavirus detection glasses

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Editor : Said Murat
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Although the Chinese coped well with the first wave of coronavirus incidence in their country, they are still aware of the enormous risk associated with visitors and are constantly taking care of safety.

As we know, one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus, next to a tiring dry cough, is fever, which is why the first "selection" of people even at airports was done by measuring body temperature. People with whom it was elevated were immediately quarantined to limit the spread of any disease. Interestingly, this is the method used in the Middle Kingdom until today (e.g. to enter some stores, you need to undergo a temperature test), but the measurement method has changed.

Until now, the services used non-contact infrared thermometers, which, however, require quite close contact with the patient, and now they have been equipped with intelligent glasses powered by artificial intelligence, detecting the elevated temperature from a distance of 1 meter. The glasses were developed by a startup called Rokid, which, according to the South China Morning Post newspaper, thus guarantees the measurement of temperature in hundreds of people in literally 2 minutes. When a person with a fever is identified, the device automatically sends an alert to the services and makes a documentary recording.

Mobile operators scan the faces of customers in China.Mobile operators scan the faces of customers in China.

For now, special glasses have been equipped, among others guards at the Hongyuan Park in Hangzhou, which brings together many Chinese factories to resume production in the near future due to the decreasing number of new infections. Startup ensures that its solution works great and the local police had a chance to test it in January, and the company can not complain about interest from hospitals, airports or even brothels, because everyone wants to take care of their employees and clients. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that technology is always effective, because that would be a big abuse.

First, the device measures the surface temperature of the skin, which is not always the same as body temperature, which is a determinant of fever. In addition, as all electronics are sometimes just wrong, and most importantly ... it's still just a thermometer, only faster and covering many people at the same time. Like all others, it is not able to catch infected people, but without obvious symptoms - it is enough to mention that only 8 people arriving from Italy to Shanghai had a positive coronavirus test, and all went through the airport temperature measurement without any problem. Either way, it's still a useful tool, and also gives the public a sense of security and the belief that the authorities are still monitoring the situation.