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DJI wants to make us real Hollywood filmmakers

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Editor : Said Murat

Thanks to small drones, everyone can easily become real filmmakers and show the world from a completely different perspective, which until now was only reserved for professionals.

The Chinese company DJI, known worldwide for its sensational drones for reasonable money, some time ago presented a small robot for children who would teach them how to program. Now its representatives want to use their knowledge in the construction of robots and make ordinary people professional Hollywood filmmakers.

All over the world, every year, mobile devices created for taking pictures and filming, that is simply capturing moments that are important to us, are becoming more and more popular. This group includes drones, smartphones and GoPro sports cameras.

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DJI, however, wants to create a completely new segment in which it will offer a durable small vehicle for use as e.g. a platform for a stabilized camera. Thanks to this invention, everyone will be able to shoot unusual shots so far seen only in Hollywood action movies. The Chinese do not hide that they also want to create competition for the popular Freefly Tero platforms.

The vehicle could move in remote control or autonomous mode. The robot will be equipped with a stabilization gimbal, just like the Mavic drones. The robot is to be characterized by incredible agility in overcoming difficult urban terrain, where curbs and various obstacles abound.

It is not known yet when the new DJI invention will appear on store shelves, but it is certain that such devices will be useful for film lovers who want to expand the capabilities of their drones. 

The company has several competitors. But it's still at the top with the new great devices which we use with a great love. DJI has filed a patent, so we can expect more information soon. We can’t wait to see and share them with you.

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