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Earning 200,000 USD on Fortnite at the age of 14?

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14-year-old kid who earned $ 200,000 in 9 months will make you surprise.

Do you remember how you felt like a king of the estate when your parents gave you 10-20 dollars a week for their own pleasure? Well, times have changed a lot and now you play at Fortnite, publish materials online and collect tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. At least this is what it looks like in the case of a 14-year-old player known as Skeptic, who is quite interested in the popular production of Epic Games.

Griffin Spikoski, that's the name of a teenager, made his career quite unexpectedly and is really just at the beginning of his journey. There are only 69 videos on his channel, but the number of his subscribers is over 1.2 million, which was obtained after a spectacular victory with another player recognized in the Fortnite environment, which was viewed over 7.5 million times.

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Such results allow you to think seriously about earning a living (moreover, Sceptic has earned over 200,000 USD in nine months), that's why Griffin irons while it's hot. He treats Fortnite as a job and trains about 8 hours a day, and on weekends even around 18 hours. Since last year he is a member of the professional Misfits Gaming e-sport organization.

And what about parents?

Probably if it was just playing a few hours a day, they would have something against it, but since the boy treats Fortnite like a job and actually earns money, they support their son, obviously. What's more, they even hired an accountant and a financial advisor to let Sodya not hit Sceptic and stick to his plan that he would spend money on college and purchase a house.

Hopefully everything will be great for him and he should stay strong and work harder on his channel. Social Media changes the style of our life and we find new ways of it to spend money from the job you like it. 

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