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Facebook introduces a refreshed and lighter design of its website

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Editor : Said Murat

The first users from around the world are just getting invitations to test the new version of the popular social network, so we already know what changes Mark Zuckerberg has prepared for us for this year.

Of course, we’re talking about the version of the website available from the computer browser level, because its mobile app is a completely different pair of wellies. Last year, Facebook informed about its plans to change the appearance of the desktop version of the site, which can not be hidden, it does not look modern anymore and although users, as a rule, do not like changes, these are the most justified. Especially that these were supposed to make the website less complicated, easier to use and introduce some much awaited novelties, such as a dark theme.

We learned then that the new version will debut in March 2020 and there are many indications that the company intends to keep its word and deadline. Users invited to test inform that at the top of their page there is a small information about the new design - this disappears if we reload the page or leave it, so we may lose the opportunity. By the way, Facebook displays short info on new functionalities, and you can also choose a dark theme from this level.

Facebook is beginning to customize navigation appFacebook is beginning to customize navigation app

The new interface focuses on the responsiveness of the displayed content, depending on the available width and other parameters - if there is enough space, we can still count on a traditional, though heavily modified, system with three columns. However, we can see rounded edges, more colors, and the text appears larger, which means less content fits the screen, which unfortunately means even more scrolling. The icon at the top allows quick access to selected sections of the site, e.g. video, games or groups.

If the page is not wide enough, Facebook displays two columns, and a new menu icon will allow the missing one to expand. As we have already mentioned, it is also possible to easily and quickly switch between light and dark theme, which is increasingly popular among mobile applications, because it allows you to realistically save some battery life, but in the desktop version will certainly find its fans - the change is immediate and the entire page is then displayed in a dark scheme. However, if the changes do not appeal to us, then at the moment it is still possible to return to the old version of the site, although it is certainly only a temporary procedure and at some point we will all have to change.