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Facebook Messenger: we can lock messages with Face ID

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Editor : Said Murat
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Facebook now allows you to add an extra layer of security when opening Messenger on iPhone or iPad: Face ID.

Let's say you are watching something with your friend and giving your phone to him/her at that time. You can be comfortable with the messages coming to your Facebook Messenger application. Because it is now protected with Face ID and you have to scan your face to open messages.

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The feature Facebook calls 'App Lock' is part of a series of minor changes in Messenger centered on privacy and security. The app also adds a Privacy section to the app settings, giving users a private lock to control App Lock and which users they block. This security mechanism is expected to arrive on Android devices "in the next few months".

Facebook also mentioned some additional features that it plans to start testing soon. It will start giving users more control over who can send messages. Facebook has not yet announced when this will start coming to Messenger.

With Face ID, we can now unlock hundreds of apps, and even make payments in bank applications when necessary. What could be more natural than Facebook Messenger using this technology?