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Ferrari Reveals the most Powerful Hybrid Car Ever

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Editor : Said Murat
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Italian Ferrari comes with a great surprise to the market. They have now the most powerful hybrid car in the history!

Until recently, it was safe to say that the Italian sports car maker will not supply anything powered by electricity to the market, because it was well known for its aversion to such drives, and here ... a surprise.

Ferrari has revealed its first plug-in hybrid vehicle, a hybrid vehicle, whose batteries can be recharged directly from a household electrical outlet or using public charging stations.

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SF90 Stradale, which is a kind of bridge between the tradition fueled by fuel and the future based on electricity and at the same time the beginning of a new era for the famous concern.

The hybrid consists of a 4-liter V8 with a capacity of 769 horsepower with three electric motors of 217 horsepower, which combine to accelerate the SF90 Stradale to hundreds in just 2.5 seconds, offering a nice eco-friendly addition on the occasion. However, if you only want to use electric motors, you can drive 25 kilometers on them. It can be an interesting view of the street, when everyone is expecting a roaring, fuel-guzzling engine, but on the other hand it will allow large savings in city traffic jams.

In theory, the car is less powerful than LaFerrari, because it reaches a maximum of 340 km / h instead of 350 km/h, but in practice it has to be faster, which will also help lower weight. The manufacturer has also been tempted by several modern technologies in the interior and at the driver's disposal there will be tactile interfaces that will allow to control hybrid modes and other functions, while focusing on driving the vehicle.

The Italian manufacturer is not ready yet to talk about the price or availability of its supercar, but we know that it is not about a special edition that will be available in just a few copies.

Unfortunately, we still do not know when we can expect a full electric car from Ferrari, because this manufacturer is after all a certain image. Either way, the appropriate regulations will one day force the company to take the appropriate steps and we will look forward to its innovative ideas.