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Firefox plans on changing its icon once again

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Editor : Thibaut Nguon

Firefox is going to change its icon – once more.

Efforts were previously made after the launch of Firefox Quantum to modernize the icon. The plan now is to create a family of icons that will accommodate not only Firefox but its variation such as Focus and Rocket.

Madhava Enros and Tim Murray, Senior director and Mozilla creative director respectively said that the actual icon doesn’t offer enough alternatives to represent the whole family product. They propose to change its icon from scratch.

For now, Mozilla has thought of two levels of “higher brand” icons that can be modified at will for the multiples others services and software it will propose. The first one would be a fox head, while the other would be a curving spiral flame, but both designs are only prototypes and not final.

Changing brands has not always been successful, as people are easily annoyed when the main item of their search is not handily available, and new designs can be the focus of mockery from the internet world. On the other hand, a redesign can give a fresh look and modernize the whole look.

Looking into other companies like Google, who employs red, green, blue and yellow colors made their application easily recognizable. The same thing happened for Instagram.