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Foreknowledge About Supreme Court of Facebook

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Editor : Emirkan Damar

The latest idea of Facebook, “Supreme Court” is now having form. Facebook is to establish an independent jury in order to decide what to do on contradictive content. According to the declaration of Facebook authorities, recent progress has been made on the attempt.

    Facebook has been hosting debates and, examining reviews of social network users for a few months to improve the standards of the jury. On Thursday, a 44-page journal has been published which submits the outcomes of the research on the discussions and its way of thinking about the critical decisions.

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    The decisions in the complicated and long-term project may potentially result in ways that Facebook administration doesn’t wish for, although the “Supreme Court” is being gathered by the company.

Social Media’s “Supreme Court”

    Facebook has no final statement about the concept of the program yet. Nevertheless, it is thought to be the first supreme court for social media.

    The council is being planned to consist of 40 people who have a variety of different perspectives. Thus, the group will also involve members against Facebook’s traditional moderation policies.

Diversity is the Key

    The company did not reveal the members of the board. Yet, we know that their main purpose is to create a committee consisting of experts from different backgrounds, disciplines and most importantly different points of view. According to some estimations, critics who made comments at social network’s actions will be included on the court. Feedback on the notes demonstrates how important it is to have critical experts on the committee, almost unanimously.

Necessary and Controversial Cases Will Be Examined

    Despite the fact that there is still being worked out on the agreements, we see two particular ways which will be analyzed by the court, on the latest paper. Facebook may request the board to discuss disputed or important cases. In the other case, Users who have been accepted by the board of appeals of Facebook will be able to ask the committee for reviewing the case which will be filtered and prioritized.


Supreme Court is not Actually That Supreme

    Even though the “Supreme Court" could have a great impact on contradictive subjects, it will not have the right to affect the sometimes-controversial policies of the company. Facebook also clearly states that the jury will not have a voice in the policies comprising fake news, advertising or News Feed.

We Don’t Know Everything Yet

While we know only a few aspects of the process, there are many things to be figured out in detail. Having seen Thursday’s report, many disagreements need to be discussed and covered. Some of them are:

•    Do the members of the committee have to be Facebook(or another social network)?

•    Will the court members work closely with Facebook employees?

•    What is the court members’ schedule going to be like?

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait so long for additional information. Facebook plans to release the final version of the charter in August. Also, the final version is expected to act as an official rulebook of the “Supreme Court”.

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