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Free access to Netflix during quarantine? Beware of scammers!

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Editor : Said Murat
Category : Technology

It seems that more and more people want to make money from human tragedy and are using the coronavirus pandemic for further scams - this time it is news about free access to the popular streaming platform.

Security experts from Bitdefender Polska have observed that cybercriminals at all costs are trying to get something out of the current situation and send messages to users via social media and WhatsApp applications that try to steal our data. In the latest one you can find information that Netflix offers free access to video materials due to the prevailing pandemic, but that's a lie. Unfortunately, it is very easy to fall for them, because more and more service providers are actually choosing similar solutions, but this time we ensure - Netflix has nothing to do with it.

We should warn against a message with a link allegedly redirecting to the Netflix website and a message that often reads as follows: - Due to a coronavirus virus pandemic around the world, Netflix offers free access to its platform during the quarantine period. Start access on this page because it may end soon. It is true that we do not have such reports at the moment, because the messages mainly reach English and Spanish-speaking users, but it is possible that they will soon be translated and will also reach us.

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The scammers use the netflix-usa (dot) net domain, which was registered by a fraudster a few days ago and, as you can guess, Netflix has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, it is very easy to be fooled, because it looks confusingly similar to the original, and hence the only step to a potential tragedy - the site requires answers to several questions, i.e. simply phishing data, infects our computer and, in addition, encourages sharing good news about " free Netflix "among friends. In short, if we are not careful, we can harm not only ourselves but also others.

As Mariusz Politowicz, security expert at Bitdefender Poland informs: - In the era of the prevailing coronavirus, cybercriminals are trying to use our dormant vigilance and want to steal our valuable data in every way. Every day we observe a huge number of phishing attacks. All kinds of malicious applications that contain malware or ransomware are shared. It is worth taking care of the security of our data. First of all, do not go to sites that we do not trust, do not click on links from unknown sources. This is the key to success.