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Google invests 6.5 million dollars in the fight against fake news about coronavirus

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Editor : Said Murat
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The coronavirus pandemic is an extremely stressful situation for all of us, so it is especially important to avoid additionally false information, which is often still not in line with doctors' recommendations.

Therefore, Google has decided to ensure that users only receive verified and confirmed information about Covid-19, because the issue of life or death of many people is at stake. Therefore, the American giant will allocate $6.5 million to a special fund that will fund organizations from around the world fighting disinformation, currently with particular emphasis on coronavirus. The initiative is to approach the problem comprehensively, which is why many non-profit organizations have been invited to cooperate.

For example, the Google News Initiative will strongly support even First Draft, an organization working with journalists and providing proven information on crisis information. This one was created five years ago, i.e. in a year that became famous for the large increase in terrorist attacks around the world, providing reliable data, photos and videos. Now it is going to use its experience to help journalists provide real-world information about a global pandemic. Thanks to Google support, the organization will soon prepare online courses, crisis simulation trainings, sources and cooperation with reliable sources.

Google try to improves its searching engine with new organizationsGoogle try to improves its searching engine with new organizations

Part of the money will also go to nonprofit organizations that check facts like Full Fact or According to Google, they will focus their efforts on European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where the most cases are currently the case. They will deal with "seeking experts, sharing trends and reducing the spread of harmful and false information." Google will also work with Meedan, a nonprofit journalistic organization and health experts, to create a database that reporters can use. Americans are also testing the quick check feature on Covid-19 in the Google News section.

It is worth noting that not only Google is doing something in this direction, because the authorities of many countries and other technology companies are also focusing on the fight against fake news and similar activities. It is enough to mention that Sony has allocated $100 million to help medical services and retrofitting students learning from home, the British government in March devoted £500,000 to fighting disinformation, and important social media influencers also quickly joined. And although Google has much greater capabilities and coverage, every vote in a good cause counts and can save many lives.