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Google uses Street View to create a global map of air pollution

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Editor : Said Murat
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The American giant has another interesting idea: it wants to monitor the level of air pollution around the world, thanks to which we will be able to better react to the conditions prevailing in our area.

We have to check everything on Google Maps, which from time to time, besides our location, also have contextual information about our surroundings, for example the level of pollution. And although for most of us it will probably be just a curiosity, people struggling with chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, would certainly appreciate the option of automatically changing the return route home to such a bypassing worst part of the city, especially if they regularly run or ride a bicycle.

Is this how the future will look like?

Google try to improves its searching engine with new organizationsGoogle try to improves its searching engine with new organizations

It's very possible because, as it turns out, Google Street View cars have been doing more than just photos for years. By the way, they also measure air quality, providing Google with the information necessary to create a global map of pollution, which is interesting not only on the scale of countries or cities, but also specific districts. Now, the Americans are moving their efforts to a whole new level, which is to help reduce the tragic number of 3.3 million deaths per year related to air pollution.

It all started when Google representatives contacted the Environmental Defense Fund a few years ago, proposing that the company's cars, using 360-degree sensors and a highly precise GPS, would also collect data on air quality. EDF proved that the plan could succeed, but it did not have the resources to put it into practice. Google's bosses applauded this idea and this is how Google Project Air View moved from the hoof -first in California, then the rest of the United States, then to go to London or Copenhagen.

Google also ensures that you do not want to rush to make sure that the measurements are made properly and will be a reliable source of information. In any case, wherever Google cars appear, air quality is measured, and data is sent to Google Cloud, where it can be analyzed by specialists and applied to a detailed map of the world. In the future, it will be integrated with other Google services, such as the following maps: Project Air View is not yet integrated with our other services, but we hope that in the future people will be able to go to Google Maps or Google Earth to see finished product - provides Karin Tuxen-Bettman.

The potential of this solution is huge and it has already been proved during research in Oakland. For six years, researchers compared Google's measurements with more than 40,000 inhabitants to find that places with much higher air pollution, people were much more likely to suffer from heart disease. It seems, therefore, that appropriate services using this information could have a significant impact on the prevention of certain diseases and the quality of life of residents, especially that Google wants to share them to serve a just cause.

In short, we keep our fingers crossed for further development!