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Here is the prototype of the new Mercedes S

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Editor : Said Murat

Mercedes S-Class sets trends that will prevail in luxury cars in the coming years, and in lower-class vehicles even in 10 years. See the pinnacle of automotive technology according to Mercedes.

The new generation of the Mercedes S-Class (W223) will go into production next year, but now we can see the flagship vehicle of this German manufacturer in all its glory. For now inside, but there the biggest revolution awaits us. Engineers put on screens, lots of screens. On board you will find as many as 5 and one head-up projector. Meanwhile, the number of physical buttons has been limited to just 27. The screens are large and through them you can operate all the functions offered by the vehicle.

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The most important, information and entertainment, was placed on the cockpit between the armchairs. It has an OLED display, is nearly 13 inches and serves not only the driver and passenger, but also can also rear seat passengers, although they have at their disposal their screens and one central one at the armrest. Another display is behind the wheel, and the head-up projector expands the reality on the glass as if it were a screen with a diagonal of up to 77 inches.

Another two large screens are located in the back of the front seats and one smaller appeared on the rear armrest. They perform the same function as the main display and, like it, are made in OLED technology. Mercedes boasts that there is absolute silence aboard the new S-Class, which cuts off passengers from the outside world. But it is not everything.

The company also took care of the MBUX Interior Assistant and sound system. Artificial intelligence recognizes 27 languages, and cameras can interpret our body movements and perform actions for us exactly when we need it. This means that the system will lower the blinds when we look back or turn on the lights when we are looking for something on the chair.

As for the entertainment system, each passenger will be able to turn on their music. A special set of speakers and microphones have been installed inside, which suppress signals in a specific space. It looks like passengers are locked in their sound field. Each of the users can also adapt the car to their preferences. The driver and passenger identification system is available in the new S class.

We mentioned at the beginning that Mercedes S-Class sets trends in luxury cars. We can't wait to see the new one in the next year.