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Huawei Watch GT 2: an elegant smartwatch for athletes.

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Editor : Said Murat

Huawei Watch GT 2 is another smartwatch that attracts attention with its design. Although on the one hand it was created primarily for athletes, or at least busy users who prefer a healthy and full of physical activity lifestyle, on the other hand it is elegant and I suppose that it could be used as a proper timer even during some formal meetings.

Huawei Watch GT 2 is a direct successor to the first generation smartwatch from this series, with which we had the opportunity to spend a few days in June. The more we were happy when it turned out that I would also have to test the second generation of this device, which will allow us to compare the two devices with each other.

Comfortable like a "regular" watch

On "good morning" Watch GT 2 makes the same good and even better impression than its predecessor. Performance is at an equally high level, but we liked the design of the new version more. The predecessor - at least in the color version that we tested - already revealed from the outside that it was "sport-oriented". Watch GT 2, which we got for testing, is all black and therefore more elegant. We could wear such a watch every day instead of the classic quartz watches that we prefer.

Huawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone marketHuawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone market

The feature that makes the Watch GT 2 stand out is the glass covering the screen. It turns out that the ring around the screen is also covered with it. The front is therefore one element, cut around the perimeter of the shield. This ensures that, over time, no dirt gets between the screen and the ring and makes it easier to keep the watch clean.

On the side of the device, the Huawei Watch GT 2 has basically not changed compared to the first generation except for one detail. It is the gap between the buttons, where the voice comes from - the smartwatch has gained a quite loud speaker, through which you can listen to music or exercise more efficiently thanks to messages. Just like in the first generation, we were also captivated by the extremely soft and comfortable strap with lots of holes, making it easy to fit on every wrist. On the plus side, the standard width and telescopes with a lever for easy replacement without tools.

3, 2, 1 ... start!

Like the predecessor, the Watch GT 2 is primarily impressed by the possibilities of tracking movement and health. Athletes will appreciate the presence of the training tracking mode of one of several dozen sports that can be further customized. When starting a workout, select the goal. This can be, for example, the duration, distance or number of calories you want to burn. After reaching the set goal, we will receive the right notification.

Interestingly, although this mode necessarily consumes more energy, in Watch GT2 you do not have to worry about the battery. During a few days of tests, during which we naturally quite often looked at our watch, used the heart rate monitor in continuous mode, used the flashlight several times (the screen lights up in white), followed sleep parameters and read notifications, the battery condition dropped from 76% available out of the box to just under 50% loading every two weeks seems definitely real and without major sacrifices.

It's good to know that to get your stress level reading, you first need additional preparation. Configuration begins in the application on the smartphone. Calm down and focus, then answer simple questions for a minute. The watch will analyze the user's heart rate and on this basis estimate stress levels for further indications.

Sleep continues to improve

One of the most interesting features of Huawei Watch GT 2 related to health monitoring is sleep analysis. All you need to do is fall asleep with your watch on your hand, and the device will automatically recognize your sleep and start recording parameters. In the morning from the Health app on your smartphone you can find out how much time each sleep phase took, and as a result what you can do to wake up more rested in the future. As you can see in the screenshots below, we still have something to work on since the last test.

In addition to the information on the charts, the application also has an overall rating and detailed scores for individual sleep parameters. We like that you don't have to search the internet yourself to read some good tips on improving a particular sleeping aspect. Advice is provided next to the results, which facilitates access to them and encourages analysis of the problem.

Although Watch GT 2 is not a medical device and the results presented should probably be interpreted with some approximation, from my observation they are consistent with how we felt in the morning after spending a few hours with the watch in our hand. The overall result reflected the degree of our rest, while the chart showed the moments of awakening at the right moments, even if it was only temporary.

Barometer, music player and notifications

Of course, the Huawei Watch GT 2 is not just tracking sleep and sports feats. It is worth remembering that the device is also a watch (more than 20 dials to choose from at the moment), serves smartphone notifications, and can even be used as a speakerphone.

It's no mistake - the Watch GT 2 has a built-in speaker, which can be useful for listening to music, phone calls and for monitoring your training. 

The loudspeaker sounds surprisingly well for this type of device and is loud. You can upload your own songs to the watch's memory (about 2 GB of space available), and then listen to them during training even without using a phone - wireless headphones can be paired directly with Watchem GT 2. The smartwatch also shows information about weather, altitude, has a built-in barometer and compass.

Huawei Watch GT 2? Willingly!

In short, the Watch GT 2 is really universal equipment, and due to the elegant design that I prefer for watches, I could use it every day. For anyone looking for a similar device, I recommend going to the store and trying on Watch GT 2. In my opinion, it is one of the most convenient, if not the most convenient watch of this type that can be found today.

Huawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone marketHuawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone market
Huawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone marketHuawei steals the 2# place from Apple for smartphone market
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