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iPhone users exchanged 11 million batteries instead of buying new phones

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Editor : Said Murat

Over the year, iPhone users have replaced batteries in 11 million smartphones as part of the introduced discount - said Tim Cook, the head of the Apple group.

The program, which was supposed to save the company's image, could have caused a serious drop in sales of new iPhones affecting the company's lower revenues. However, it was a really good job for us as customers.

At the beginning of January 2019, Apple concern gave lower than expected forecasts of financial results. According to the group, one of the reasons for weakening business indicators is weaker than expected sales of iPhones resulting from users' reluctance to exchange their smartphones with newer models. Now, it may turn out that one of the most important reasons for the decreasing number of buyers of new iPhones is the program of reduced battery replacement prices on Apple smartphones. That’s true.

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The program was introduced by the company in early 2018 after allegations that Apple artificially shortened the performance of older models and battery life. As part of the promotion, the cost of replacing batteries in selected iPhones was reduced from 79 to 29 dollars (the price might be changed depends on the country where you are). According to unofficial, reports during an internal meeting with employees at the beginning of January this year, Tim Cook, the head of Apple, revealed that during the year, the program of cheaper battery replacement was used by as many as 11 million users, while previously the annual average was from 1 to 2 million.

According to the media, many owners of older iPhones preferred to take advantage of the promotion and install a new battery for $29 in their phone, instead of buying a new device for a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

This, in turn, significantly affected the falling sales of new iPhones and lowered Apple's financial results.

Recently we have had chance to change our iPhone’s battery in Europe. We had to wait a week, but finally got the new battery on our smartphone for $35. It’s quite cheap and worth to try.

Finally, it might affected the sales of Apple, right. We will see what Apple plans to get new customers for its new models.