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Is Huawei releasing Hongmeng OS?

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     Earlier in July, Huawei faced deceleration on the Hongmeng OS Project due to trade wars between China and the U.S. Announcements from Huawei, two weeks ago, had surprised everyone, restricting the operating system which is an immediate action plan for the company. Now, Huawei is expected to release Hongmeng OS, according to unconfirmed resources.

Target Group of Huawei Hongmeng OS

     Huawei's backstroke was not expected, saying that they would not submit to the threats of the US administration at every opportunity. The system, which is thought to be a great competitor against Android being developed for the purpose of growth of other sectors instead of taking smart phones as a center, was perceived as the victory for Trump’s government.

     Global Times, official press of People’s Republic of China is conflicting with Catherine Chen, Deputy Director of Huawei, who says “Hongmeng OS will not be a threat to Android OS, new generation smart phones is going to continue running with Android”.

     Global Times officially stated that Huawei is testing the operation system Hongmeng on the smart phones that are going to be released this year. Yet, statements of Global Times, are neither rejected nor confirmed, by the tech company.

     Chinese press reports new Huawei models, that are allegedly using Hongmeng OS, are going to be priced 2000 Chinese Yuan(nearly $300). However, Liang Hua, president of the company, previously declared that Hongmeng OS, at the first step, would be used for their HonorTV products. Liang Hua, additionally said, Hongmeng OS was mainly developed for the products that are in the category, the Internet of Things. According to Hua, the platform, that is developed by Chinese engineers, is a cornerstone for Huawei’s long-term strategies. He also adds, the cornerstone doesn’t involve smart phones.

Global Times emphasizes the corresponding devices are going to be produced for the low segment market. Technology analysts suppose that the contradictional news between the official press organ of China, and Huawei, are caused by Huawei’s policy, both to seem powerful to Chinese citizens and not to be embargoed by the United States government.

Huawei still didn’t make a statement about the situation.