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JBL: solar wireless headphones playing forever

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Editor : Said Murat
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If you would like to have wireless headphones that you won't have to charge in the end, because they do it themselves, then you should definitely look at the JBL’s new innovations.

Reflect Eternal, that's what the headphones are called, has just hit the indiegogo crowdfunding platform, where the producer aimed at least 500 orders. It quickly turned out that it was definitely more ambitious, because at the moment 892 pieces have already been sold, which means 178% of the assumed goal - so what did the headphones steal from the hearts of customers? First of all, the promise of endless playing, because as the producer boasts, whose fans of the audio industry do not need to be introduced, its model will not have to be charged.

All thanks to charging by light energy, to which the key is a completely new Powerfoyle material, developed by Exeger. This, just like the Logitech solar keyboards, is able to draw energy from both indirect sunlight and artificial light inside. So if you do not plan to listen to music in complete darkness, then Reflect Eternal may be a model for you. JBL ensures that half an hour away from home is enough to charge the headphones for 68 hours of listening to music, and when staying outside for 2.5 hours a day, the headphones are to play literally endlessly.

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Even if the weather is bad or if the time of year is not too abundant in the sun, though ... JBL has of course left a security gate and headphones can also be charged classically via USB, obtaining 2 hours of playing after 15 minutes of charging. In addition to the solar charging option, they are, however, typical headphones, reminiscent of other models in the manufacturer's offer, but we will not know more details for some time. At this point, it should be mentioned that the company still does not have a finished consumer product, only a prototype.

Admittedly, JBL ensures that the prototype will be completed in February and then it will be possible to go to production to deliver the product to customers on the planned date, i.e. October next year. As you can guess, by that time many things can still go wrong, which the company is clearly aware of, because the price of Reflect Eternal for the first customers is very attractive. There are 28 days left until the end of the campaign and if we support the product during this time, the headphones will be ours for 99 USD. Unfortunately, so far the manufacturer has only foreseen delivery to the United States and Germany. How do you like the concept of such headphones? Is it like old sun-charged calculators?