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Lenovo presents a wide range of Edge Computing solutions

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Network technologies are getting much more important topics in this century. What about finding new solutions for data processing?

At MWC in Barcelona, ​​the Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) presents the effects of investments in solutions supporting the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data processing on the edge of the network as part of the IoT offer development plan in the coming years. Using the income growth dynamics for the fifth consecutive quarter, Lenovo DCG creates an offer of solutions that transport infrastructure where data is located - in a traditional data center, in the cloud or, increasingly, on the edge of the network.

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About 10% of data currently generated by enterprises is generated and processed outside of a traditional data center or cloud. Gartner analysts estimate that this proportion will increase to 75%. This migration raises growing concerns about confidentiality and data security as well as compliance with regulations, as well as delays, bandwidth and downtime. Lenovo addresses these challenges by presenting a wide range of data processing solutions at the perimeter of the network meeting the different expectations of customers implementing such solutions for IoT.

At the MWC in Barcelona, ​​Lenovo has presented the ThinkSystem SE350 - a slightly larger than the ThinkPad edge server. It will appear on the market already in the summer and will be perfect in small rooms, because it is half narrower and much shorter than a traditional server. It can be mounted on a wall or in a rack or placed on a shelf. ThinkSystem SE350 provides more computing power and mass storage, as well as network functions closer to where the data is created. Thanks to this, it speeds up activities resulting from the analysis of these data. These servers are usually implemented outside protected data centers, therefore they contain technologies that encrypt data in the event of burglary and allow access only to authorized users. The server will also enable communication via Wi-Fi and LTE networks.

Additionally the President of the Lenovo Data Center Group Kirk Skaugen said that customers want to use the potential of data processing on the edge of the network, and for us it is a great opportunity to help them.

Last year, we made significant investments in the offer of IoT and telecommunications solutions and we established cooperation with several strategic partners, offering connectivity from the edge of the network to the data center. We actively support industry open source initiatives, such as Open RAN (O-RAN), and we are optimistic about co-leading O-RAN groups on relief and orchestration.

For customers who are already waiting for integrated and verified IoT solutions that simplify implementation and accelerate digitization, Lenovo has partnered with industry partners specializing in various edge computing applications.

Lenovo in cooperation with Pivot3 offers solutions for smart cities. If you visited the MWC in Barcelona, you could have chance to watch live presentations and examples of video monitoring solutions for clients, prepared by Lenovo in cooperation with Pivot3. Public administration bodies and enterprises are introducing new generation edge computing solutions to protect people, increase work efficiency and avoid losses.

Lenovo and Pivot3 collaborate on critical solutions for smart cities and secure campuses in various sectors. In cooperation with SecureTech - a leading integrator of video monitoring solutions - Lenovo and Pivot3 have helped a leading hotel industry client in the Middle East to meet the requirements for resilience, security and manageability of a large hotel complex. The companies provided an effective security solution that effectively registers and manages the video-monitoring data. This investment reduces the risk of data loss and system failure, is cheaper to buy and maintain, and does not require advanced technical skills.

Lenovo, in partnership with Scale Computing, presents the Future-Ready Retail Store Infrastructure solution, which enables retail customers to implement data centers with enterprise-class IT infrastructure on the edge of their own networks. Delhaize, an international group in the grocery retail industry based in Zaandam, Netherlands, operates supermarkets and online stores. More than 6,000 stores serve over 50 million customers in 11 countries. Delhaize Group wanted to shorten the time of IT infrastructure deployment and management, and also needed a solution integrating traditional and IoT applications on the same hardware. The shared solution provided Delhaize with stability, support, financial savings, simplicity and optimized security that the group needed to modernize stores and optimize freezing, heating and customer service using IoT.

Lenovo works closely with VMware on the Project Dimension initiative, which will significantly simplify the local deployment of infrastructure as a service, including at the edge of the network. Several clients are already undertaking a pilot program aimed at providing a commercial solution for expanding VMware Cloud, which will offer corporate clients a program-defined data center (SDDC) as part of a hyper-converged solution in the appliance as-a-service model.

Lenovo works with innovative software developers and communication service providers to implement new monetization services. Lenovo's Communication Service Providers (ICT) development strategy is associated with new technologies such as Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and C RAN. In cooperation with the China Mobile operator, Lenovo presents the first virtualized 5G O-RAN solution that provides CoSP with greater flexibility.

With the aim of improving users' experience and building solutions for specific applications, Lenovo and Orange have partnered for innovation focused on hardware comprehensibility using the Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD) architecture. The partners are exploring the possibilities of maximizing energy, efficiency and savings by combining and extracting hardware resources, such as FPGA chips, GPU processors and SmartNIC cards, in the implementation of shore infrastructure.

Presentations of Lenovo solutions for IoT and the edge of the network were with us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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