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Over 200,000 orders for Cybertruck! 

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Editor : Said Murat

Elon Musk has again shown that he is a marketing champion and perfectly suited the tastes of his customers bored with traditional pickups. The electric vehicle will be a sales hit in 2021.

This fact motivated the company to verify its plans related to Cybertruck production. Elon Musk announced at the presentation that the most expensive and powerful version of this vehicle will appear on the road only in 2022. This is a vehicle with three engines and four-wheel drive. It is to have acceleration to 100km/s in about 3 seconds, a load capacity of up to 6350 kilograms and a range of up to 800 kilometers.

Now we find out that this monster and the version with two engines and four-wheel drive will appear earlier, as early as 2021. Tesla must meet the expectations of customers, and since they want the best versions and pay for them, they must get them soon, because the company must earn. Thus, the cheapest and the weakest version with one-wheel drive will appear in 2022. However, this is not a weak electric pickup, because it will accelerate to a hundred in 6.5 seconds, it will travel 400 kilometers on one battery charge and offer a load capacity of 3150 kilograms.

Elon Musk’s plans for 2019 may embody a Tesla pickup truck prototypeElon Musk’s plans for 2019 may embody a Tesla pickup truck prototype

The Tesla electric pickup is to be available in four colors, namely original steel, black, white and green. Interestingly, Musk revealed that the vehicle can be retrofitted with a large solar panel, which will extend the range up to 50 kilometers. This means that in the most expensive version, the range will be up to 850 kilometers. This is really a lot if we compare it with electricians currently available on the market. All the more pleasing to this fact that the cheapest version of the vehicle will be available for just under $40,000. This sounds crazy. 

Cybertruck is not only the concept of a futuristic vehicle from 30 years ago, it is also another phenomenon in the global network, which will be loud in the coming weeks. Maybe car manufacturers will wake up and launch more thrilling vehicles on the market. In a moment we will have the 2020s, so it's probably time for electric and increasingly autonomous vehicles to look like spaceships and offer us much more than vehicles so far.

There are many manufacturers which are showing up with their new autonomous or electric vehicles in the market. Some of them are really cool, innovative and worth to think about it. However, Tesla is still the pioneer of the market on this section with its strategies thanks to Elon and his team. 

It’s a golden age for the company. If they use it in a right way, Tesla will continue to be the leader of the sector with electric and autonomous vehicles. Time tells us what’s next. 

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