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People use GTA Online to avoid social isolation in USA

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Editor : Said Murat
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While the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA are overwhelming, some people who are tired of closing home have found the remedy at GTA Online. People use GTA Online to get out of their homes and shop, go to the movies.

While new governments have taken drastic measures due to the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has spread around the world after the appearance in Wuhan, People's Republic of China, the new methods to relieve themselves in social isolation they are developing. The last example of this was using GTA Online to get involved in the 'real world'.

Zack Zwiezen, who lives in Kansas, also points out that this wise precaution has started to get bored after somewhere while trying not to leave his house as part of social isolation for the past few weeks. Saying that he misses going to the cinema, buying something to eat outside and living outside his home, Zweizen decided to escape from his own reality and closure to home using GTA Online.

Using GTA Online, a game where you kill people around and rob casinos, may seem a bit strange for this purpose, but if you find a silent server or start a new game with your own circle of friends, GTA Online can become a great real-world simulation. For example, Zwiezen spent an hour a few days ago driving a car in GTA Online and going to the city and buying clothes from a store. Then he went to a casino and played gambling and horse racing.

Saying that none of these were astonishing or exciting a few months ago, but now things have changed, Zwiezen points out that it is crazy and even a little dangerous to go to a big and crowded place and eat and drink something. GTA Online says that there is no coronavirus and that all stores are open and crowded, the game lover states that even the cinemas are open in the game, and you can go to these places and watch a short film in the game.

However, Zwiezen also needs to remind that GTA Online is not a complete escape. Hearing that a man was dismissed and his cash money decreased when he last connected to the game, Zwiezen states that in another example, he saw a man wearing a protective suit against dangerous substances shouting at people he thought was infected.

Zwiezen points out that the players brought the COVID-19 reality to the game, but nobody wore a mask in Los Santos or had to deal with the death of their loved ones in the hospital. Considering that WHO also suggested that we spend time playing games during the quarantine period, it is not that far to see calmer people in games like GTA soon.