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Remote work is not free. Many people will experience a shock

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The possibility of remote work may seem ideal to some. Work from home is not work, right? Unfortunately, the reality is not so rosy, and many people will quickly collide with it for the first time.

The coronavirus outbreak forced employers to send employees home. It is not free time for them, but so-called "home office", i.e. remote work. People who experience this for the first time will quickly find out that this is not necessarily the perfect way to work for them. Below are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

1) Do not give up your morning activities: showering, clothes, breakfast, etc. Working from home is a temptation to sleep longer, but sitting at the computer straight out of bed is not recommended for productivity. Remember that you save time on commuting, so you don't have to get up at the same time, but don't wait until five to nine.

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2) Do not work in tracksuits or in pajamas. Staying at home, you can afford to give up your business outfit or the morning shave or makeup. However, completely abandoning the standards will cause laziness and problems with switching to "business mode". When it comes to dress code during home office, you can apply "casual friday" rules, that should be enough.

3) Prepare your workplace so that the minimum number of things bothers you or distracts you. Clean the desk or table you will be sitting at, it is also advisable to lightly embrace the immediate surroundings.

4) From 9 am (or from the time you usually start) go to work mode, do not take breaks for cleaning, playing or one episode of the series. Try to function just like in normal conditions.

5) For the next few days, you'll be contacting colleagues via email or instant messengers. Pay attention to the language you use, because "normal" expression can be perceived as rude. Writing to yourself via the internet is worth being a little nicer than usual.

6) Do not drag work beyond standard hours. At 4pm (or the one you normally end) thank colleagues on the messenger or e-mail for the day together and turn off the computer. Now you can change into your pajamas again.

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading the world, hundreds of thousands of people are staying at home and trying to adapt themselves to remote work if it’s possible. In our century, technology is such a thing that there are many jobs we can work online or in distance as you know. But not every company was letting employees do so in the past. Once we face this virus attacking all the countries in the world, we have to stay at home and work from our coaches in the living room. Don’t worry. Just try to get used to work remotely, and after some time, many companies will get to know that it’s not a bad idea to send employees to work from home, from time to time.