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Russia reveals the next-generation nuclear submarine

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The Russians have just announced that they are preparing to build a new generation submarine, which is to be able to compete with structures from NATO forces - this is their first such project in 50 years!

The new constructions are to replace old-fashioned submarines of the Russian army, which wants to match NATO forces and their best submarines. At the moment, we do not know yet how long it will take to build this construction or how much the Russian Navy will actually receive them (there are 12 planned), but one thing is certain - Russia has delayed this decision for so long, because although it has one of the largest fleets of submarines on the world (conventional and nuclear ships equipped with jet, maneuvering, nuclear or ballistic missiles, etc.), it has a secret, namely it is largely outdated.

It is enough to mention that 16 of the operating nuclear submarines, almost all were constructed by the Soviet Union before the end of the Cold War. For decades, the Russian Navy worked on this old equipment and only recently had several new ships, including Borei-type ballistic missiles and Yasen-type maneuvering missiles. And since Russia is serious about rivalry with the West and submarines may threaten American aircraft carriers, the submarine section has finally received interest from the Kremlin.

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Laika is the third post-Cold War submarine to be manufactured and will replace Akula and Victor. It will also be equipped with a number of new technologies and solutions to catch up with Western standards. In addition, the structure will have a displacement of 11,340 tons, i.e. it will be much larger than American Virginia type boats, which can boast a score of 8,700 tons. The atomically powered boat will sail at a maximum speed of 35 knots, equivalent to 65 km/h on land, and its maximum draft is 517.5 meters.

What distinguishes Łajka from other constructions, however, is its more "organic" appearance, which evokes associations with exotic sea creatures rather than the previously known submarines. In addition, the new ship will be able to detect sound in every direction and will receive eight 533-millimeter torpedo tubes (standard used worldwide, also by the US Navy) to fight other submarines and surface ships, and sixteen vertical silos for launching missiles ballistic. It should be noted, however, that it will be many years before Laika will go to sea, because the development of previous submarines took the Russians about 20 years - of course mainly due to lack of resources, but nobody said it would be different this time.