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Samsung creates remote test lab for application developers

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Editor : Said Murat

Samsung has launched a lab for app developers to make their life much easier. Thanks to the Remote Test Lab created by Samsung, developers will be able to remotely test their applications using the latest phones.

Downloading and using apps on our devices is an easy task for all of us. However, developers who make these applications have to test the application before it is released on the Play Store. Developers may not be able to find the appropriate device to perform these tests because there are many different versions of Android like the Samsung One UI. In order for developers to make the app optimal and effective for Galaxy devices, Samsung provides them with their flagship devices remotely. This happens with the Remote Testing Lab Program.

This remote test lab is a program that Samsung created with the developers in mind. Thanks to the program, developers are enabled to remotely use Samsung's latest devices, such as the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip. What Samsung does is simply connect some Galaxy devices to the cloud and allow developers to remotely use any device of their choice with the required software.

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If you are a developer who wants to use this program, what you need is as follows;

  • An effective and reliable internet connection
  • Samsung Developer Account that is free to open
  • Java Runtime Environment 7 or higher with Java Web Start

If you have all these necessary conditions, you can join this program immediately.

This program has many benefits for developers. You can upload APK files to the device of your choice, run them to test the applications you have previously produced and take screen record. If you are working with another developer, you can also invite him to test your app together.

However, there are some restrictions in the program at the moment. Audio hardware, multitouch and camera are not supported in this program. The program gives developers 20 credits per day, which allows them to use a maximum of 5 hours a day. Samsung's goal is for developers to develop applications without expensive devices.