Samsung is preparing to announce a truly frameless TV on CES - News -

Samsung is preparing to announce a truly frameless TV on CES

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Editor : Said Murat

This year's edition of the CES technology fair held in Las Vegas promises to be very exciting, as usual, thanks to new Korean devices. Samsung is going to have a great surprise this year.

Like smartphones, televisions have also seen a huge technological leap in recent years, which is manifested, among others, by a significant slimming of the frames around the screen. Many manufacturers even like to boast that their products are frameless, but this is not entirely true ... it may change soon, because Samsung has again decided to make the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) its current capabilities. Therefore, they will bring the new TV to Las Vegas, the first really frameless model, which in addition can quickly reach our hands.

As the sources close to the group inform, TV has full support of the management, so it is not only a conceptual product that will never hit the store shelves. What's more, the start of mass production is planned for February, so Samsung must be convinced of the huge potential of this device. And it is surprising, because as we know well marketing based on "first in the world", "first in history" or "truly frameless" can work wonders, and in this case we really have to deal with the first TV completely without frames.

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- Unlike other TVs called frameless, which actually have thin frames, this product does not have them at all. Samsung is the first manufacturer in the world able to understand this extreme design - says the developer closely associated with this product. The model is to be available from 65 inches, which results from a complicated production process, so one should expect a sufficiently high price - especially if the company decides to combine this technology with 8K resolution panels.

In short, although some time ago there were rumors on the web about it, hardly anyone believed in it, but now everything begins to take shape. Everything indicates that at CES 2020 we will actually get to know the manufacturer's first frameless TV, which can start one of the most popular trends this year.