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Sit comfortably and avoid traffic jams with S-Pod

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Editor : Said Murat
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If you value comfort and convenience, both at home and outside, then you will surely like the new Segway brand solution in the field of public transport. 

Segway has once proved that it can conquer the market, and its two-wheeled one-man electric vehicles can be found in most cities. However, if you think that maintaining balance on them requires too much effort, then you can always reach for the S-Pod model presented at CES 2020, which is simply a comfortable electric chair. Although at first glance it seems that it is the quintessence of a lazy lifestyle, it is worth considering even people with disabilities or the elderly, for whom it can be a chance to go out to people and independence.

There is no denying that the Segways, scooters and electric bicycles that are commonly used today are not for everyone, because they need high efficiency to operate. So if we look at the S-Pod in this context, it can bring a real revolution and become an inseparable element of modern smart cities of the future, which will be suitable for almost every user and at the same time contribute to uncorking crowded streets.

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As for the vehicle itself, it looks like a chair with a popular egg shape, to which wheels were attached, but there is much more to it. According to the manufacturer, it will be perfect for both individual and collective transport, e.g. at airports, amusement parks or other similar places. The whole has been designed with maximum user comfort in mind, so all you have to do is sit in the armchair (there is more space inside than airplane seats) and adjust the speed to your preferences.

The maximum speed is up to 40 km/h, so we are talking about a fairly fast means of transport, and for this it is controlled literally using the on/off button and the joystick - we change the speed and direction of travel. Segway also mentions the possibility of remote S-Pod control, but has not provided any details in this respect so far, so we have to wait for more information.

Similarly, as for the date of sale of the vehicle, but all indications are that this is not very distant.

It’s obvious that in the future we will have many other devices which can help us for transportation. Segway is one of them, for sure. Especially, it is a great solution to avoid traffic jams.