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Skype: messy rooms are blurred!

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Editor : Said Murat
Category : Technology

A new feature is coming to Microsoft's video conferencing application, Skype. During a conversation, your messy room behind you will be transferred blurred on the screen.

With this feature, which is already available in the Teams application, you blur all the items in the background of the video call.

Also, this automatic background blurring feature has been added not only on the mobile application but also on the desktop application.

An artificial intelligence technology is used for this system. Because with the technology that takes you to the main focus and blurs only the back side, a beautiful effect is applied. The feature that can detect hair, arms and hands during the conversation seems to rush to the help of many of us.

Although this new feature of Skype is supported on PC, iOS and iPadOS, there is no explanation in Android support yet. You can download the latest version of Skype for iPhone or iPad and enable background blur in video call options.