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Soon we will understand the language of dolphins

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Editor : Said Murat
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What if we could understand what dolphins talk about us? It will be possible in the near future. 

Dolphins are one of the most friendly aquatic animals in the world. When people are in trouble, they are usually the first to help. Many believe that they are the most intelligent creatures right after man.

Unfortunately, in order for us to verify this, we must first learn their complicated language. Although the study of these beautiful and fascinating creatures has been carried out for many decades, nevertheless the long-awaited breakthrough has not yet occurred in this matter. Scientists do not lose hope, however, because advanced artificial intelligence technologies, well known to us from online translators, have come to the rescue.

So far, we have managed to note 300 types of signals used by dolphins to communicate with each other. In addition, there is also subtle body language, which is expressed through jumps and turns. For us, these are usually whistles and a form of fun, but there may be behind them intelligent conversation at the level at which we, people, conduct conversations with each other.

Quite recently, scientists have found that bottlenose dolphins have names. They can even respond to specific sounds that characterize them. Researchers are sure that this is not meaningless news, but complex sentences and the thoughts behind them. Scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm plan to decipher the puzzle.

To this end, they began working with the startup Gavagai AB, which specializes in creating software for analyzing and translating human language in dozens of variants. Now, for the needs of scientists, they are developing a machine learning algorithm. It is created on the basis of experience accumulated in the research of these creatures over the last decades. Their task will be to learn the characteristic signal sequences, analyze them, combine them into meaningful phrases and eventually convert them into human language.

The algorithm will learn to recognize the signals issued by bottlenose dolphins living in the Stockholm aquarium. "We hope we can understand dolphins using artificial intelligence technology. We know that dolphins have a complex communication system, but we don't yet know what they are talking about, "said Jussi Karlgren, a scientist from the Royal Institute of Technology and founder of the Gavagai startup.

As you probably guessed, the goal of the Swedish scientists project goes beyond just understanding and understanding the language of dolphins. First of all, they want to start a completely new chapter in the history of mankind, consisting in the perfect communication of people with other animal species. Of course, only those who are capable of it. Such a blessing can be used, for example, in rescue operations on waters or discovering puzzles hidden by oceans. Dolphins are amazing creatures that have amazing abilities. 

We can’t wait to understand what they talk about.