Star Wars has become true: Boeing brings the X-Wing to life - News -

Star Wars has become true: Boeing brings the X-Wing to life

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Editor : Said Murat

It looks like the new collaboration with the American aerospace-armaments concern will take Disney theme parks to a whole new level, all due to the upcoming premiere of new Star Wars.

Disney theme parks make your favorite characters come alive and become part of the reality that is at your fingertips. This time, fans of the iconic Star Wars saga could rub their hands, because as part of the opening ceremony of the new attraction called Rise of the Resistance, X-Wing fighters flew over the heads of visitors to the Florida theme park, looking just like those known from cinema screens.

Thanks to the cooperation of Disney with Boeing, which designed and created them, slightly improving its image tarnished this year's failure of 737 Max aircraft. It is worth noting that the company has been trying to diversify its offer for some time and recently presented even its first delivery drone or "flying car" created with the participation of Porsche. However, it cannot be denied that the X-Wing probably makes the biggest impression, especially a few days before the premiere of the latest part of the saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Boeing carried out the first flight of his sky-high taxi called the NeXtBoeing carried out the first flight of his sky-high taxi called the NeXt

When the iconic Star Wars space vehicle soared into the air from a park in Florida, a Boeing representative confirmed that they were responsible for its creation: - We can confirm that Boeing's aircraft soared last night to celebrate the opening of the Rise of The Resistance. We are very excited to be part of this event, but so far that's all we want to share.

This means that we did not get to know any technical details and did not receive official photos or videos, so the event's and the watchful eye of the observers must be enough for us. They report that the X-Wings look like modified versions of the already mentioned Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV) drones, presented by Boeing earlier this year, which can boast a load of up to 225 kilograms, using 8 rotors and the size of an SUV. Can we therefore expect their commercial use on a larger scale? Perhaps, because they have become part of the entertainment attraction, then the concern must be sure of their behavior in the air.

Boeing is the company which often creates and finds new innovative ideas to stay in our minds easily. 

This time Boeing brings the X-Wing to life. We will see all together what is next.