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Steam: a new number of concurrent players record! 

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Editor : Said Murat
Category : Technology

Games are one of the most popular methods that people who make social distance use to entertain themselves. As a result, Steam breaks simultaneous concurrent player records.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, curfews are imposed in many countries. In every corner of the world, the authorities are asking all people not to go out on the streets unless necessary. A significant part of the world's population does not step out of their homes.

In this process, people are looking for new alternatives to entertain themselves. One of the most prominent among these alternatives is playing games. People's interest in playing games has also been revealed by numbers from Steam, the most popular computer gaming platform.

People who spend time in their homes due to Covid-19 have almost attacked the Steam platform. The record for the number of simultaneous players, which had been constantly evolving in the previous weekends, was broken again this week.

On the platform, it is seen that the players tend to the games they have tried and loved before. Published in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently played by 1 million people at the same time. Dota 2 (2013), follows it with 750 thousand users. The top five of the list are PUBG, GTA V and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, respectively.

The figures also show how many people are on the game platform and how social distance creates a demand for games. Before the coronavirus effect, the platform's simultaneous player record was 18.8 million. This figure was reached before the Super Bowl final in the USA.

Over 23 million players

After the pandemic, records began to come one after another. On March 15, 20,313,476 players were on the platform at the same time, while last week this record reached 22 million. This week, the number of concurrent players was 23,392,298.

The answer to the questions how many more players Steam will host and how many users it can serve at the same time is unknown, but the company seems to have no problems. Games continue to keep people at home. It’s quite obvious.

It is not known how long the measures announced due to coronavirus will continue. While the number of cases continues to increase in every single country, the number of sick people in countries such as the USA is increasing with the rocket speed. This shows that Steam will host more players soon. 

Still hopefully we will see normal days soon, right?