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The top ten of the best android apps of 2018

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Finally, here is the compilation of the best android applications from 2018 as you were all waiting for!

10 best Android apps of 2018


1Weather is considered to be the best weather app by many. This application show you the current weather depending on your location, and forecast 12 weeks from the actual date. Other options included are the radar for seeing approaching storms for example. The app is free, but with ads included. The paid version removes these adds, but with no additional options.

Google Drive

Google Drive is available for android and all new users have 15 GB free after creating a new account. Along with Google Drive, apps lie Google Docs, Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar for instance are included, which is a big advantage.

Google Maps

Google map is a map app for Android and remains to this day the best. It get weekly updates and has generous features. Apart from basics needs taken from a map, Google maps gives you the option to show places of interest, gas stations, stops, etc. You don’t ever have to have another application than this.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an assistant for your phone. You can ask it everything, from lights to population control to math calculations. Plus, Google Assistant is compatible with other products such as Chromecast or headphones Bluetooth. Also, Google Assistant is free.

Google Play Music and Youtube

We typically don’t recommend streaming services… except for Google play Music. This multitask app can read music you like online or in local files, while also upload songs for free. Plus, there is Youtube, which in itself is very expansive and contains videos about education, news, video games, etc.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that let you save login and password safely. It can also generate password that are impossible to guess, and the app has cross-platform support so it can be used on tables, mobiles devices and computers alike.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is considered to be the best launcher, as it has been there for a lot of years and is consistently upgraded. Its features include ability to backup, restore screen set ups, and can customize your home screen and more.

Pocket Casts

If you enjoy podcasts, you will certainly wonder which application you should use. The best answer to that is with Pocket Casts. It can download podcasts and streams for your own enjoyment. Synchronization across all of your devices and recommendations function are available.

Pulse SMS and Android Messages

A lot of SMS apps are out there, but the only ones that surpass all are of course Pulse SMS and Android Messages. The first one has features themes, GIF, password protection for the conversations, Dual SIM, etc. Android Messages has a more basic options but does the job. Pulse charges a free while Android Messages is free.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a file browsing. It is inevitable to have an application like this, so Solid Explorer is the best app to look around these day. It features services like FTP, WebDav and more. It is stable but only free for 14 days. After that, you have to pay $1.99 to continue using it.