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The world's largest 3D printer building has been completed

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Editor : Said Murat

If anyone still doubts the possibility of 3D printing, then better let them look at the building which was built in Dubai : this could be the future of urban architecture.

Apis Cor 3D printing specialists have just finished what they call the world's largest 3D printer building. This one stood in Dubai and is a very simple administrative building that boasts a height of 9.5 meters and an area of ​​640 square meters. All this is printed on one 3D printer, although it must be honestly noted that the construction would not be possible without the large participation of human builderson the other hand, someone must make sure that the building is safe for users).

The whole was created in a very similar way as other buildings of this type, i.e. with the use of concrete "spat out" by the needle, laid layer by layer. As the building is huge, it required regular moving of the 3D printer using a crane and construction in sections - the device was controlled by only 3 employees of the company, and it took only 3 weeks to complete the construction. In short, it is proof that 3D printers are the future of building homes and more, although still requiring human participation.

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Workers were necessary to lay foundations, install windows, doors, roofs and place wiring, as well as manually reinforce the structure. However, this does not change the fact that such a combination turned out to be efficient and fast: - This is just the beginning of 3D development as a technology for building. We are still working on developing our method so that it is soon available for mass use. The last project allowed us to improve our printer, which is now less unreliable and at the same time twice as fast as the previous one. In addition, we could test our own 3D mixture. This project is an important step for the entire industry, says company founder Nikita Cheniuntai.