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They can now hack and steal data from every possible source!

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Editor : Said Murat

Two Israeli companies, NSO Group and Cellebrite, have created the most effective programs in the world today that can easily hack and steal our most confidential data from every possible source.

This shows what is our privacy for global corporations and in what unpleasant direction is the development of our civilization, which is based only on permanent surveillance of us, gathering as much information as possible about us, enriching ourselves thanks to them and increasing our influence and using them against us.

The first of the systems is Pegasus. NSO Group created it with the thought of spying not only popular messengers such as WhatsApp and Messenger, but also hard drives in computers and clouds of such corporations as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

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The company praised its investors and potential clients that, on request, the system can obtain private documents, news, videos, photos, data about our location, as well as purchase and payment history. NSO Group ensures that Pegasus has much wider surveillance capabilities, but for now they will remain in the company's secret.

The Israeli system has been successfully used for some time by national special services. Now the time has come to offer this effective technology to new customers who want to have such private data about us.

NSO emphasizes that this software, referred to by the State of Israel as a weapon, is sold only to the responsible governments of states for the purpose of preventing crime and terrorism. However, there is concern that governments will use Pegasus against journalists, human rights activists and all organizations that stand in opposition to the policies of the countries concerned.

Meanwhile, another Israeli company called Cellebrite presented a solution called the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) some time ago. Its representatives stated that it allows access to almost all the latest smartphones, both on Android and iOS, in versions from 7 to 12.3. Apple often refuses to cooperate in this area, covering up the good of its users, and breaking iPhones is problematic. Now it is not a problem anymore.

Cellebrite is suspected of cooperating with the police and special services of various countries, which use software to obtain information from mobile devices of criminals and even terrorists. Well, if you can protect something, you can remove this security. Two Israeli companies are certainly not the only ones in the world that have such powerful software. It's scary to think what data our services have about us. Right?