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This is a new generation of space exoskeleton for factory workers

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Editor : Said Murat

Concerns are in no hurry to replace workers in factories and logistics centers with robots, as they are still unable to perform many activities. Exoskeletons for employees seem to be a better idea.

The German Bionic company has just presented a sensational new generation of such a device. German engineers have improved their carbon-fiber exoskeleton called the Cray X for workers, and now it has even more practical possibilities. The fourth generation allows its user to lift weights of up to 28 kilograms.

Scientists took even more care of the safety of employees, equipping the device with new sensors and servos that constantly support them and at the same time protect them against various injuries. Sometimes it may happen that the exoskeleton suddenly fails, after all it is an electronic device, then the user does not have to worry about his health and life. The safety systems will shift the weight in such a way that the operator will be able to get out of this dangerous situation unscathed.

German Bionic ensures that the new generation Cray X can run for up to 8 hours. The device was also equipped with an augmented reality system called Cray Visor. Virtual information is shown on the head-up display, allowing the user of the exoskeleton to perform their work faster and more accurately. Experts believe that such technologies are the future of factories and logistics centers, which are still delaying their robotization and focusing on human workers. A monthly subscription to the Cray X costs 699 euros.