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This is how the controller for PlayStation 5 will look like

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Editor : Said Murat

Although it is still a full year to the premiere of the new Sony console, subsequent leaks reveal much more information about it - today's ones bring the appearance of the new DualShock.

For most players, PlayStation pads are losing to Microsoft's solution right from the start, but since you can't use Xbox controllers with a Japanese console, we can only hope that they will finally work solidly on them. And as the latest leaks suggest, and more specifically patent applications disclosed by the Japanese Patent Office, so it will be, although the technical drawings seem to present a device very visually similar to its predecessor.

Fortunately, after analyzing them more closely, you will notice several key innovations that will surely appeal to players. Especially the lack of an illuminated strip, which was the bane of the fourth generation DualShock - not only that it suffered a lot from working on the controller battery, the illumination was so annoying that players were looking for ways to mask it somehow (e.g. through special stickers). There will also be an outdated microUSB socket, in place of which modern and increasingly used USB type C will appear.

80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony

The new features will include a built-in microphone that will be used to operate the digital assistant available in PlayStation 5. As suggested by previous patent applications, this instead of informing us about the weather outside the window or saving reminders like classic assistants, will help us while playing: For example, when players get stuck on some part of the game, they can ask for help by asking for it. The query can be of any format or a combination of different formats, such as audio, video or text. The game assist server is configured to match the query with model responses, based on the current context of the game from which the query originates.

A look at triggers reveals that they will be a little larger than the previous ones, but in total we should not be surprised, because, as Sony has already announced, they will see a serious technological transformation. First of all, old school shock technology will give way to modern haptic, so developers will be able to reach for a completely new gameplay solution, it will allow, for example, to feel the difference between the surfaces the hero moves in the game. The pad will also have adaptive triggers that will allow you to program resistance when performing specific actions, and as an example, Sony gives here the tension of the bowstring.

80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony
Sony: PlayStation 5 will have its own digital assistantSony: PlayStation 5 will have its own digital assistant