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Through the coronavirus, governments will massively surveillance their citizens

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Editor : Said Murat

SARS-CoV-2 came to us from China, just as new permanent surveillance technologies will come to us, which have developed at a crazy rate by the coronavirus. The Israeli government is already creating a substitute for this.

In China, South Korea and Japan a month ago, when the peak incidence of CoVID-19 was recorded there, applications appeared that tracked all infected people and warned the rest of the public about them. Now such surveillance systems are also beginning to appear in Israel, and soon in France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom through Google and Facebook.

Although in this situation we can agree that creating a tracking system for people positively diagnosed on CoVID-19 in order to control whether they are undergoing forced quarantine at home is the most good solution, but we must be aware of the fact that on this it will not end. What else is already observed in China.

Google try to improves its searching engine with new organizationsGoogle try to improves its searching engine with new organizations

Over the past three months, the government has installed several million new city surveillance cameras and face recognition systems at various facilities, and used artificial intelligence technologies to track the paths of millions of citizens. Now a similar program is being implemented by Israel. A system called Shin Bet will track Israelis through cellular networks and GPS receivers.

All infected people who break the home quarantine policy will be quickly caught and severely punished. And here the question arises, will these be only people infected with coronavirus. We can be sure that similar systems will soon be introduced in Western Europe. Google and Facebook already have such technologies. The currently observed rapid increase in morbidity and deaths, as well as the underestimation of the seriousness of the situation by society, will motivate governments to limit the freedom of citizens and legalize their technologies.

The pandemic will end one day and the systems will remain and we will simply get used to them. Then the fear that we will be chipped like animals will not be as controversial as it was a few months ago. In fact, it's already beginning to become the norm.