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TikTok spreads all over the world: millions of times downloaded!

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The mobile application for creating and sharing short recordings named ‘TikTok’ was downloaded millions of times in all over the world.

Analytics data was collected by the Berlin company Priori Data. In the world the biggest bomb for the application is in India, where it was downloaded over 119 million times.

Facebook quietly launches a TikTok competitor app referred to as LassoFacebook quietly launches a TikTok competitor app referred to as Lasso

According to the Priori Data research, Poland is among the countries where TikTok (formerly Musical.ly) is most often downloaded. Poland is 15th (5.7 million downloads), ahead of Spain (6.5 million downloads), Great Britain (6.7 million downloads) and Italy (7.1 million downloads).

TikTok spreads all over the world

TikTok, by storm, won the markets in India (119.3 million times) and the USA (39.6 million times). In the US, the proportions are roughly half-way apart when it comes to operating systems for which the application is downloaded (Android and iOS). From among European countries, TikTok is particularly popular in Turkey, Russia, France and Germany.

In turn, according to the research of the Apptopia research platform, TikTok recorded noticeable increases in the last months of 2018, but its results, eg in the United States, were particularly noticeable.

Monthly activity of TikTok users in the US increased by 30 million in three months from the merger with Musical.ly, and the number of downloads increased by 25 percent in the US and by 20 percent around the world.

Recent research by the GetHero agency shows that in Poland TikTok is an application for the youngest smartphone users. Over 64 percent are people between 13 and 15 years of age. The next group are teenagers under 13 (17.6%) and 15-18 (15.1%).

Also, there are many people who became famous thanks to this applications. Thousands of its members have started to act on the movies or tv serials after they became famous with their talents.

TikTok (formerly Musical.ly) is an application belonging to the Chinese company Bytedance. Enables you to publish and share short video clips with background music. Currently, the owner of TikTok is the highest valued startup in the world. Its market value is 75 billion dollars, 2 billion more than Uber.

The year of 2018 was the TikTok’s year, obviously. We will see what happens this year, and what kind of apps will knock our door to affect our life somehow.

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